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Savoy Recreation Center

"Striving for a Healthy Community"

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Savoy Park Rental Fees
  Resident Non-Resident   One Date Multiple Dates
Pavilion $25 $50 Playing Field $50 $200


Burwash Park

Burwash Park Burwash Park was constructed in 1979 utilizing funds from an Open Space Land Acquisition & Development grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the generosity of the Eades family. Located on Burwash Avenue and nestled between the Carle Arbours and First Baptist Church of Champaign at Savoy, Burwash Park boasts many recreation and leisure opportunities. The 5-acre park is beautifully landscaped and is home to a pavilion, ball diamond, tennis courts, sand volleyball pit, walking paths, and a sizeable playground suitable for children of all ages. Off street parking is available and the park is ADA accessible.

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John L. Jones Park


The John L. Jones Park commemorates the first mayor of the Village and his years of selfless service to the community. Built in 1980 with the help of an Open Space Land Acquisition & Development Grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Jones Park is located just 2 blocks west of Rte 45 on Church Street. The 5-acre park is home to an international sized soccer field, a ball diamond, tennis courts, and a playground. Off street parking is available and the park is ADA accessible.

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Dohme Park

Dohme Park, in honor of the Dohme Family, was built in 2006 with the assistance of a generous gift by the Burwash Family. The park is located just two blocks east of Rte 45 on Curtis Road, directly in front of Parkview Apartments. The 4-acre park is home to a pavilion, walking paths, and a patriotic memorial circle accented by the American flag. Winding lit paths make the park an enjoyable environment for strolling day or night and proximity to adjacent residential complexes ensures frequent visitors. Trees in Dohme Park are placed through the Village’s Memorial Tree Program.

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Prairie Fields Park

Prairie Fields Park in Prairie Fields Park is a 10-acre park located in the Prairie Fields Subdivision just 2 blocks north of Church Street on Prairie Rose Lane. Construction of facilities began in 2005 with the construction of a soccer field and now has ADA accessible off street parking. In 2006, the Village’s largest playground was built in the park. Potential additions to the park include basketball courts, a ball diamond or skate park, walking paths and a pavilion.

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Dana Colbert Park

Dana Colbert Park is a 55-acre park currently under construction just 2 blocks east of Rte 45 on Church Street. It is planned that Colbert Park will be home to an 8-acre lake, extensive bicycle and walking paths, a playground, ball diamonds, soccer fields, athletic courts, a pavilion and acres of spacious lawns and wildlife.

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East Tomaras Park easttomaras

East Tomaras Park is a ½ acre mini-park located on East Tomaras Avenue. The park is nestled among residences and offers a pleasant stopping point for relaxation and reflection. The park’s primary feature is a large flowerbed in the center of the park, straddled by seating and trees.

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Harold E. Ruppel Bike Path

Constructed in 1995 with assistance from a grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Harold E. Ruppel Bike Path commemorates one of the Village’s first park advocates. Mr. Ruppel worked tirelessly to improve the quality of the parks and open spaces in the Village, often donating his time and resources to the effort. The path is about 1.8 miles long in Savoy and connects to trail systems in Champaign bringing a variety of users from both Champaign and Savoy together in outdoor leisure and exercise. The path terminates to the south at the Savoy Recreation Center. The Ruppel Bike Path forms a significant leg of what is hoped will become a network of trails and pathways throughout the community, linking up to regional path systems that will ultimately interweave and circumvent the entire Champaign-Urbana-Savoy metropolitan area.

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